Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


BOWER CEMETERY, The Crossings, near Pin Oak, WV.

When in Pin Oak on Rt.29, go down Cabin Run Rd. (Rt.29/4) until you come to the "T" in the road. Make a left, you are still on Rt.29/4. At the bottom of the hill (you will be following Bowers Run), you will come The Crossings. If the gate is locked, you will have a long walk. If it is open, travel the road to the "Y", make the left up River Bend Dr. At the very end of this road you will come to what they call "Common Area 2". At the far end of this area, you will see 2 covered picnic tables. You will need a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Drive past the tables and will follow this little road for about .1 miles. It is very hard to see the cemetery from the road. Walk toward the hill and at the base of the ravine you will see this graveyard.

This cemetery has been named most likely for the family that once lived in the big white house in the area. It was also mentioned that the people buried there may have been Civil War Soldiers killed in a battle in the area.

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