Bloomery Furnace Cemetery, Bloomery, WV.

Lat:3924.742N; Lon:078223.702W; Elev:(?)ft. (error: may be 078 23.702W)

This cemetery is located west of Bloomery on a ridge across the highway from the Bloomery furnace. It is located on gated private property and requires the owner's permission to visit it. It was used for workers and family who died while living around the furnace. We have no listing for the 20-30 interments. Some are still marked simply with a standing stone or a depression in the ground. Four large stones mark the corners of the cemetery. If you have information on anyone who may be buried here, we would appreciate any documentation you can provide.

Only plain standing stones or depressions in the earth mark some of the graves.

Visitors searching for graves in the old cemetery.

Looking west downhill toward Bloomery Run and Little Mountain bordering the Cacapon River.

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