Cemeteries with GPS location by Latitude

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Draft Cemeteries of Hampshire County from web site
Latitude ° ´ " Longitude ° ´ " Elev. Lat: decimal Long:dec
Timber Ridge Christian Church Cem. Highview 39° 13.583N 78° 26.041W 39.226261N 78.43384W
Capon Chapel Cemetery Capon Bridge 39° 16.192N 78° 26.646W 39.26965N 78.44372W
Ebenezer Cemetery Romney 39° 19' 47.7N 39° 19' 47.7"N 39.32991N 78.70662W
Levels Cemetery Levels 39° 29.711N 78° 33.340W 39.495195N 78.555504W
Russell-Ginevan-Epiphany Ch. Cem north of Levels 39° 30'06.2N 78° 33'45.5W 39.501728N 78.562639W
Frye Family Cemetery Intermont 39°07.937N 78°33.662W 39.13228N 78.56103W
Inskeep Family Cemetery Intermont 39°08.004N 078°33.327W 39.1334N 78.55545W
Lutheran Ebenezer Cemetery Rio 39°08.46108N 78°40.68048W 39.141018N 78.678008W
Himelwright Familiy Cemetery Capon Springs 39°08.487N 78°28.344W 39.14145N 78.4724W
Hebron Lutheran Cemetery Yellow Springs 39°09.072N 78°32.511W 39.1512N 78.54185W
Bethel Baptist Church & Cemetery Kirby 39°10.91700N 78°43.61970W 39.18195N 78.726995W
Kirby Cemetery Kirby 39°10.91700N 78°43.61970W 39.18195N 78.726995W
Indian Graveyard Yellow Springs 39°10.938N 78°30.567W 39.1823N 78.50945W
Shiloh United Methodist Cemetery Lehew 39°11.784N 78°26.422W 39.196027N 78.439667W
Carrier Family Cemetery Lehew 39°11.945N 78°28.401W 39.19908N 78.47335W
Dunlap Family Cemetery Lehew 39°12.356N 78°25.874W 39.2059333N 78.4312333W
Hotts Chapel Cemetery Kirby 39°12.51180N 078°44.06640W 39.20853N 78.73444W
Hott Cemetery Kirby 39°12.59010N 78°44.03406W 39.209835N 78.733901W
St. James Methodist Church Cem. Millbrook 39°12.754N 78°32.355W 39.21257N 78.53925W
Gray Family Cemetery Millbrook 39°12.910N 78°33.256W 39.21517N 78.55427W
Old Pine Cemetery Purgittsville -two sections- 39°12.95328N 78°55.59834W 39.215888N 78.926639W
St. Luke Presbyterian Church Cem. Glebe 39°13.11312N 78°51.17034W 39.218552N 78.852839W
Croston Cemetery 2.5mi S of Slanesville on Rt.4. 700ft off the highway 39°13.64076N 78°51.13146W 39.227346N 78.852191W
Pugh Family Cemetery Highview 39°13.706N 78°24.765W 39.22843N 78.41275W
Hook Family Cemetery near Capon Bridge 39°14.198N 78°27.027W 39.23663N 78.45045W
Loy Gravesite Hampshire Co. 39°14.82516N 78°40.49286W 39.247086N 78.674881W
Mt. Zion Cemetery Augusta 39°14.89296N 78°40.29504W 39.248216N 78.671584W
Dale Church & Cemetery Hampshire Co. 39°14.95290N 78°42.58314W 39.249215N 78.709719W
Quaker Cemetery Capon Bridge 39°15.299N 78°30.583W 39.254999N 78.509778W
Kale Family Cemetery near Capon Bridge 39°15.305N 78°27.571W 39.25325N 78.45954W
Monroe Family Cemetery Capon Bridge 39°15.372N 78°27.031W 39.25615N 78.4505631
Pliska Pliska Vineyard on Rila Smith Road 39°15.87666N 78°54.25668W 39.264611N 78.904278W
Caudy Cemetery at North River on land owned by Mr. & Mrs. Frain of Washington, D.C. accessed by going down Hickory Corner Rd. toward North River 39°16.74330N 78°30.61836W 39.279055N 78.510306W
Central UMC Cemetery Loom 39°16.744N 78°30.618W 39.215899N 78.926646W
Bloxham Family Cemetery Pleasant Dale 39°16.85916N 078°34.85934W 39.280986N 78.580989W
Oeser Family Cemetery Capon Bridge 39°16.964N 78°28.644W 39.28273N 78.4774W
Beery Family Cemetery Augusta 39°17.123N 78°38.686W 39.28538N 78.64477W
Caudy Gravesite Capon Bridge 39°17.167N 78°26.218W 39.295499N 78.436306W
Elijah High Cemetery Rada 39°17.29506N 78°53.50614W 39.288251N 78.891769W
Eubulus Church & Cemetery near Paw Paw 39°28.38996N 78°24.70164W 39.47316N  78.41169W
Fairview Lutheran Church & Cem. Gore 39°17.393N 78°36.693W 39.28988N 39.28988W
Parker Family Cemetery Mechanicsburg 39°17.399N 078°28.485W 39.28998N 78.47475W
Parks Hollow Cemetery Capon Bridge 39°17.399N 78°28.485W 39.28998N 78.47475W
Augusta Methodist Church Cemetery Augusta 39°17.696N 78°38.507W 39.294944N 78.641778W
Tearcoat Cemetery Augusta 39°17.748N 78°36.097W 39.2958N 78.60162W
Kackley Family Cemetery Capon Bridge 39°17.769N 78°24.483W 39.29615N 78.40805W
Kave Family Cemetery near Cacapehon 39°17.769N 078°24.483W 39.29615N 78.40805W
Ludwick / Sloan Family Cemetery Junction 39°18.86664N 78°50.86668W 39.314444N 78.847778W
Sloan-Ludwick Family Cemetery Junction 39°18.86664N 78°50.86668W 39.314444N 78.847778W
Arnold Cemetery near Junction 39°19.41420N 78°52.51356W 39.32357N 78.875226W
Wolford Family Cemetery near Augusta 39°19.488N 78°33.037W 39.3248N 78.55062W
Fahs Family Cemetery near Augusta 39°19.651N 78°33.150W 39.32752N 78.5525W
Shoemaker Family Cemetery Mineral Co. 39°19.731N 78°53.016W 39.32885N 78.8836W
Bailes Family Cemetery North River Mills 39°19.77198N 78°31.33344 39.329533N 78.522224W
Hiett Family Cemetery Sandy Ridge 39°19.807N 78°28.572W 39.329433N 78.47654W
Smaltz Family Cemetery Hampshire Co. 39°19.87164N 78°31.13058W 39.331194N 78.518843W
Malick Cemetery near Augusta 39°19'31.7"N 78°34'47.3"W 39.325484N 78.579798W
Mauzy Cemetery off Smoky Hollow Rd 39°19'54.7"N 78°22'46.6"W 39.33186N 78.3796W
Hiette Cemetery 2mi NE of Slanesville on Rt.45 to side road, then S 2.2mi on side of the road to Rt.45/5. Cemetery is 1425ft S across North River 39°20.14800N 78°31.58970W 39.3358N 78.526495W
Mendenhall Cemetery on North River NW of North River Mills on Baker Farms property 39°20.27880N 78°31.20240W 39.33798N 78.52004W
Taylor Family Cemetery Mechanicsburg 39°20.317N 78°48.520W 39.33862N 78.80867W
Cowgill Gravesite Sandy Ridge 39°20.327N 78°28.048W 39.33878N 78.46747W
Sandy Ridge Cemetery Capon Bridge 39°20.381N 78°27.632W 39.33968N 78.46053W
Old Presbyterian Cemetery Romney 39°20.42790N 78°45.44820W 39.340465N 78.75747W
Wirgman Family Gravesite Romney 39°20.427N 78°45.916W 39.34045N 78.76527W
Pisgah Benevolence Cemetery Romney 39°20.518N 78°46.032W 39.342276N 78.7674667W
Indian Mound Cemetery Romney 39°20.562N 078°45.932W 39.343257N 78.765501W
Wolford Family Cemetery Mechanicsburg 39°20.632N 78°49.274W 39.34387N 78.82123W
Henderson Family Cemetery near Slanesville 39°20.99328N 78°31.77834W 39.349888N 78.529639W
Kump Family Cemetery North River Mills. See North River Mills Cemetery 39°20'06.8N 78°30'15.5W 39.335222N 78.5043W
Williams Family Cemetery North River Mills 39°20'16.7N 78°31'12.1W 39.33798N 78.52004W
Hockman Family Cemetery near Auguast. Could be same as below 39°21.070N 78°32.363W 39.351307N 78.539528W
Hockman Cemetery .5mi W of Slanesville on Rt.45 to Rt.45/8 then S about 1mi to the cemetery on Rt.48/8(?) could be same as above 39°21.070N 078°32.363W 39.351307N 78.539528W
Oarsons, James Gregg, Cemetery Romney 39°21.30726N 78°45.63684W 39.355121N 78.760614W
Barnes-Blue Family Cemetery Three Churches Bridge 39°21.767N 78°41.292W 39.36278N 78.6882W
Rogers Family Cemetery Bloomery 39°21.865N 78°22.573W 39.36442N 78.37622W
Slanesville Cemetery Slanesville 39°22.224N 078°31.877W 39.370194N 78.530556N
Kidwell Cemetery near Slanesville 39°22.927N 78°29.185W 39.38212N 78.48642W
Mennonite Cemetery just west of Slanesville 39°22.96206N 78°31.92456W 39.382701N 78.532076W
Union Cemetery Slanesville 39°23.081N 078°29.487W 39.38468N 78.49145W
Old Mt. Union Cemetery on lane behind Mt. Union Church and Cemetery 39°23.081N 78°29.487W 39.383257N 78.489828W
Bloomery Presbyterian Church Cem. Bloomery 39°23.24166N 78°22.43664W 39.387361N 78.373944W
Branch Mountain U. M. C. & Cem. Three Churches 39°23.867N 78°39.311W 39.397777N 78.655194W
Salem United Methodist Cemetery Slanesville 39°23'25.4"N 78°33'05.9"W 39.3904N 78.55163W
Mt. Bethel Primitive Baptist Cem. Three Churches 39°24.07332N 78°39.26664W 39.401222N 78.654444W
Bethel Methodist Church & Cemetery Little Cacapon 39°24.084N 78°39.267W 39.49799N 78.49646W
Largent Cemetery Forks of Cacapon. See Powell Cemetery. Located .1mi SE of Fork of Capon 39°24.274N 078°25.645W 39.40457N 78.42742W
Island Hill Cemetery Forks of Cacapon 39°24.30102N 78°26.35800W 39.405017N 78.4393W
Bloomery Furnace Cemetery Bloomery 39°24.742N 78° 23.702W 39.41237N 78.39503W
Broad Run Graveyard Springfield 39°25.643N 78°45.889W 39.4273833N 78.7648167W
Curlett Cemetery Springfield 39°25.688N 78°42.576W 39.428114N 78.709523W
Alderton Cemetery Pin Oak on Cabin Run Rd. (Rt.29/4) one mile off of Rt 29 39°25.914 N 78°26.314 W 39.4319N 78.43857W
Noland Cemetery Little Cacapon 39°26.812N 78°32.529W 39.44687N 78.54215W
Sumpt-Noland Cemetery Little Cacapon 39°26.812N 078°32.529W 39.44687N 78.54215W
Wesley Chapel United Methodist Cem. Points 39°26.90892N 78°35.99496W 39.448482N 78.599916W
Springfield Hill Cemetery Springfield 39°27'10.8"N 78°41'53.0"W 39.45299N 78.69806W
Little Cacapon Primitive Baptist Cem. near Levels 39°28.175N 78°31.628W 39.4695833N 78.5271333W
Church Of The Brethern near Levels 39°29.844N 78°31.860W 39.4974N 78.531W
Forest Glen United Methodist Cem. Green Springs 39°31.04520N 78°38.11800W 39.517420N 78.635300W

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