New Courthouse Cupola


On Feb. 27, 1922 the new (current) Hampshire County Courthouse opened for business. After many years facing the ravages of the weather the cupola on the Hampshire County Courthouse was very much in need of replacement. Some years back the ballustrade around the cupola had deteriorated to the point it had to be removed. Many years before that the clock in each of the four sides of the cupola had been replaced with letters noting the compass points. The County Commission finally decided to return the roof line to the original plan. Thus began the long process of removing the damaged cupola, making drawings of it, studying the original drawings and redesigning a new replacement. Then the replacement had to be installed. Finally, the job has been accomplished and we have a new cupola on our Courthouse.

The Old Courthouse Cupola

Removing the old weathered cupola in 2013

The New Cupola