The Bridge in Capon Bridge

New bridge at Capon Bridge project notice

The announcement by the Department of Highways that they plan on replacing the bridge in Capon Bridge has raised some local concern. After all, this is a town named for its bridge. We support local efforts to insure the new bridge has some special character that reminds us of our bridges throughout our history. We are beginning to put up information on the old bridges and will have some information on the new project as it becomes available. Below are some images of the current bridge.

For photos of the old bridges check out our old photographs

Historic Site Inventory Form (pdf file) for:  Old Ford Garage   Frye's Inn   Bridge form

Local citizens have set up a "Save the Bridge" Facebook page for your information.


Please check back for information on how you can get involved. 


Below is a poster to support having a truss bridge in Capon Bridge, either by
    repairing the current bridge or replacing it with a new truss bridge. Do not left
    click on the image. Rather right click and then choose to save link as a file
    to your computer. The pdf file is 11x17 inches and is a bit over 2 megs.

Right click and save to computer a Civil War map excerpt showing "Capon Bridge."
Civil War map with Capon Bridge