Hampshire County Survey Book A


After the Revolutionary War when the Fairfax Proprietary was dismantled, the Commonwealth of Virginia began to issue land grants based on private surveys which were then listed in the county survey book. This is a listing of the first 300 surveys from Survey Book A with the images of the actual Survey Book page. When you click on the name the survey appears. There is the magnifier icon to show you can enlarge the image. Use your Back Button to return to this page.
   If the column "Other name" has a "Y" or a number it means that that survey has two owners or names associated with it; search on the survey number to find the other person. We do not list administrators of estates, but you should try both the administrator and the deceased. Remember to look for all the various spellings of a name. We would appreciate corrections.

Survey# acres Date Name Location Other name
A 2862009/23/1790Abernathy, John
A 2940004/13/1789Adams, WillPatterson Creek
A 28438609/23/1790Albernathy, JohnAllghenany Mnt.
A 27215007/12/1790Amory, EdwardKnobly Mnt.
A 16930006/05/1789Anderson, WillLittle Cacapon
A 27840006/08/1790Armstrong, WilliamStoppel Spring
A 11443008/14/1788Baker, JohnNew Creek
A 163245.503/16/1789Bateman, SamuelSouth Branch of Potomac
A 5540006/04/1788Bealer, BenjaminAbrahams Creek
A 5740206/09/1788Bealer, BenjaminPine Swamp
A 13940009/26/1788Bealer, BenjimanAlleghany Mnt.
A 22730002/18/1790Bean, JesseStaggs Run
A 5126905/22/1788Beaty, GeorgeSouth Branch Potomac
A 4414504/23/1788Bell, WillPatterson Creek
A 28592.503/24/1790Bier, ThomasSouth Branch
A 19044711/23/1789Bishop, JohnMill creek
A 16029005/08/1789Bond, ThomasNorth Branch Potomac
A 1326611/06/1788Bonefield, SamuelPatterson Creek
A 140012/23/1788Boyce, RichardMill Creek2
A 7438106/26/1788Boyd, SamGreat Cacapon
A 7341106/26/1788Boyd, Sam
A 682006/24/1788Boyd, SamuelNorth Branch Potomac
A 7034206/24/1788Boyd, SamuelNorth Branch Potomac
A 6743006/26/1788Boyd, SamuelGreat Cacapon
A 8044606/24/1788Boyd, SamuelNorth Branch Potomac
A 14320010/11/1788Brockack, Michael (?)
A 5327505/26/1788Bryan, ThomasNorth Branch Potomac
A 5433205/26/1788Bryan, ThomasPatterson Creek
A 2927705/11/1790Buffington, JoelGlade Run
A 95?08/12/1788Buffington, WilliamSouth Branch Potomac2
A 25330005/10/1790Buffinton, JoelAlleghany Mnt.
A 8342507/29/1788Bunis, HenryGreat Cacapon
A 20710010/08/1789Bur, ThomasLazyears Run
A 4925505/17/1788Bush, PhilipSpring Run
A 23515004/08/1790Cafscack, Thomas HeallyPotomac River
A 6440006/17/1788Capper, JohnBroad Run
A 19942001/25/1790Cassaday, ThomasSugar Camp Run
A 18910011/12/1789Chandler, StephenPatterson Creek
A 26123806/11/1790Chenoweth, JohnBuck Island Run, North Branch
A 2063711/04/1789Chenowith, JohnGreat Cacapon
A 13224209/17/1788Chinawoth, JohnCacapon Mnt.
A 29820804/21/1790Cisner, JacobNorth River
A 787207/23/1788Clark, JamesJohn Jones Run
A 9641208/13/1788Clark, WilliamCains(?) Run
A 12637609/12/1788Clinton, CharlesAlleghany Mnt.
A 12740009/12/1788Clinton, CharlesAlleghany Mnt.
A 12543709/08/1788Clinton, CharlesNorth Branch Potomac
A 10918008/28/1788Clutter, JacobGreat Cacapon
A 10736308/27/1788Clutter, JacobLomans Branch
A 2317505/20/1790Cogan, Mary
A 16230905/13/1789Collins, ElishaClay Lick Run
A 4874.605/09/1788Collins, ThomasNorth Branch Potomac
A 23237603/23/1790Collins, ThomasSouth Branch of Potomac
A 20340002/03/1790Collins, ThomasSouth Branch
A 8222007/28/1787Conard, JamesCacapon
A 2115003/05/1789Cooper, AndrewGreen Spring
A 2420103/16/1789Cooper, AndrewMiddle Ridge
A 17326508/06/1789Cooper, AndrewPatterson Creek
A 26830704/21/1789Cooper, AndrewSouth Branch of Potomac
A 23932004/13/1790Cooper, AndrewNorth River
A 25834005/20/1790Cooper, AndrewGreat Cacapon
A 17535208/10/1789Cooper, AndrewGreat road
A 13340009/22/1788Cooper, AndrewKnobbley Mnt.
A 1058402/14/1789Cooper, AndrewPainters Run
A 24478804/18/1790Cooper, AndrewMill Creek
A 4581704/29/1788Cooper, AndrewGeorge's Run
A 1895903/09/1789Cooper, AndrewGreen Spring Run
A 19111003/06/1789Cooper, AndrewGreen Spring Run
A 20122703/07/1789Cooper, AndrewGreen Spring Run
A 2455004/07/1790Creeton, John
A 14038005/09/1788Cresap, Col. Thomas, Dave Admin (Crisap)North Branch Potomac
A 14139405/09/1788Cresap, DaveSwan Ponds
A 27411706/02/1790Cresap, RobertNorth Branch
A 8200002/11/1789Crevey, HansNew Creek
A 2555005/05/1790Crock, GeorgeCrock's Run, North River
A 23715004/08/1790Croston, JohnTown Hill
A 23610004/08/1790Crutan, IsaacBakers Run
A 10844908/29/1788Currethers, James(?)
A 605006/09/1788Davis, JosephNorth Branch Potomac
A 410002/10/1789Davis, SamuelStoney Run
A 3115304/08/1789Davis, SamuelKnobley Mt.
A 1453312/03/1788Davis, WilliamNorth River
A 22619802/08/1790Davison, JohnBeavers Run
A 219005/01/1790Dawson, JohnSouth Branch2
A 476605/08/1788Dawson, JohnNorth Branch Potomac
A 299302.505/26/1790Dobbins, JamesSouth Branch
A 2185011/03/1789Donald, MaryGreat Cacapon
A 29010003/29/1790Donaldson, JohnGreen Spring Valley
A 22833702/10/1790Dowden, JohnStaggs Run
A 1127612/04/1788Elzey, ThomaszinSpring Gap Mtn.
A 1852509/25/1789Emerson, ThomasCloven-Lick Run, between
A 1845009/25/1789Emerson, Thomas
A 5940006/11/1788Emmery, EdwardAlleghany Mt.
A 439304/23/1788Emory, EdwardCabbin Run
A 3423004/21/1789Evan, TristramGreen Spring
A 16110005/13/1789Fairly, DavidSugar Camp & Claylick Run
A 1921201/06/1789Flemming, James
A 14817804/28/1789Flemming, JamesSugar Hollow
A 19635401/06/1790Flemming, James
A 24944805/20/1789Forman, AaronSugar Run, South Branch Pot.
A 21120810/09/1790Forman, JohnLittle Cacapon, Two Lick Run
A 1621311/05/1788Forman, JohnLittle Cacapon
A 1726011/04/1788Forman, JohnMiddle Run
A 23078002/16/1790Forman, JohnSouth Branch of Potomac
A 209353410/06/1789Forman, JohnSouth Branch
A 21074811/05/1789Forman, John ??
A 20535305/20/1789Forman, WilliamSouth Branch
A 16521006/04/1789Fry, ChristopherGreat Cacapon
A 2148602/04/1790Funk, Frederick
A 12322409/04/1788Good, AbramCabbin Run Ridge
A 27110008/04/1790Hailly, ThomasTown Hill
A 17810009/09/1789Hale, AdamSouth Branch of Potomac
A 166266.505/19/1789Hale, AdamLittle Cacapon
A 17410008/10/1789Hale, JamesWagon Road
A 20115002/04/1790Hall, AdamSouth Branch Mountain
A 25415005/07/1790Hall, AdamTown Hill
A 20421002/03/1790Hall, AdamRomney
A 1241811/08/1788Harness, AdamSouth Branch Potomac
A 7734007/02/1788Hawk, HenryMill Creek
A 12917709/17/1788Hawse(?), WilliamDillions Run
A 13615409/24/1788Heft, AdamMill Creek
A 13520009/23/1788Heft, AdamPatterson Creek
A 13428309/24/1788Heft, AdamPatterson Creek
A 21220.502/04/1790Henderson, Richard
A 21312802/04/1790Henderson, RichardPatterson Creek
A 29634.304/20/1790Henderson, SampsonNorth River
A 16810006/05/1789Hiete, EvanSandy Ridge
A 8610008/04/1788High, JohnMill Creek
A 18112208/01/1789Holmes, DavidWagon road
A 28122008/30/1790Holmes, DavidRoad, Frankfort - Winchester
A 18379009/29/1789Holmes, DavidDillons Run
A 182120009/30/1789Holmes, DavidNorth River
A 19426601/06/1790Hoomscatt, Peter
A 29119106/23/1790Horn, GeorgeDillons Run
A 23341903/19/1790House, JosephPatterson Creek
A 10527907/28/1788Huff, AbrahamGreat Cacapon
A 8127907/28/1788Huff, AbramGreat Cacapon
A 17020006/18/1789Huff, JohnThompson Run
A 4216404/15/1788Hunter, DavidNorth Branch Potomac
A 3919904/18/1788Hunter, DavidSouth Branch Potomac
A 4022504/15/1788Hunter, DavidNorth Branch Potomac
A 2625304/15/1788Hunter, DavidNorth Branch Potomac
A 2230104/17/1788Hunter, DavidSouth Branch Potomac
A 3836404/17/1788Hunter, DavidSouth Branch Potomac
A 2541604/17/1788Hunter, DavidSouth Branch Potomac
A 538802/10/1789Inskeep, JamesNew Creek
A 24861203/30/1790Jacobs, John J.Pratters Run, Potomac River
A 9390.402/09/1789Jenney, WillNew Creek
A 640002/11/1789Jenney, WillNew Creek
A 14710010/27/1788Jimmey, William (?)New Creek
A 15810004/27/1789Johnson, Cathrin
A 9430307/01/1788Keger, PhilipJohn Waters Gap
A 69606/21/1788Keller, John
A 15740004/30/1789Keller, JohnPatterson Creek
A 18842611/09/1789Kiger, GeorgeNorth Branch Potomac
A 28258308/23/1790King, AlexNorth Branch Potomac
A 26936208/03/1790King, ValentinePotomac River
A 332304/16/1789Kuykendall, HenrySouth Branch Potomac
A 10140008/19/1788Kuykendall, HenrySaw Mill Run
A 10240008/19/1788Kuykendall, HenryBuffalo Run
A 10440008/19/1788Kuykendall, HenrySouth Branch Potomac
A 10341408/20/1788Kuykendall, HenryBuffalo Run
A 9918008/19/1788Kuykendall, NathanielSouth Branch
A 10026608/19/1788Kuykendall, NathanielBranch Mtn
A 2808005/04/1790Largent, JamesNorth River Mountain
A 27915205/03/1790Largent, JamesGreat Cacapon
A 8442307/31/1788Largent, JamesGraet Cacapon
A 7240006/26/1788Largent, JohnCacapon2
A 7143006/26/1788Largent, JohnCacapon2
A 2561105/11/1790Lawson, Moses
A 26514.307/15/1790Lawson, Moses
A 8540008/04/1788Lear, AbrahamMill Creek
A 25910005/05/1790Leeson, RichardSaw Mill Run
A 26720005/17/1790Leice, AndrewBealer Lick
A 22329202/18/1790Linally, AndrewPatterson Creek
A 219005/01/1790Lingan, JamesSouth Branch2
A 2350003/10/1789Magill, ArchibaldMill Creek
A 4134604/21/1788Mahon, JamesKnobley Mt.
A 5026005/23/1788Malone, HughMill Creek
A 8741208/05/1788Martin, ChristopherMill Creek
A 18016009/21/1789Martin, JohnNorth Branch
A 12417109/05/1788Matthew, JonathanMill Run, head of
A 17919809/08/1789Maund, John James (?)Tear Coat
A 23865011/19/1790McCatry, EwardMud Lick
A 95?08/12/1788McCauley, JohnSouth Branch Potomac2
A 24032204/05/1790McDonald, DanielPotomac River
A 27644008/19/1790McDonald, JohnBriary Bottom, North Branch
A 15510005/01/1789McDonald, PeterMiddle Ridge
A 15610005/01/1789McDonald, PeterMiddle Ridge
A 27721108/20/1790McDondald, JohnPotomac River
A 6622606/17/1788McGraw, MorrisGreat Cacapon
A 11137208/29/1788McKiver, PaulGreat Cacapon, near
A 17620008/25/1789McMeekin, JohnBear Wallow, head drains
A 20219302/03/1790Means, Isaac
A 20036102/03/1790Means, IsaacMill Creek
A 6240006/12/1788Means, IsaacMill Creek
A 2720003/19/1789Meeken, John M.Patterson Creek
A 14910005/08/1789Metheny, Frederick (?)Limestone Run
A 302504/08/1789Millar, HenryNew Creek
A 22522502/25/1790Millar, HenryKnobley Mnt.
A 22028002/25/1790Millar, HenryKnobbley Mnt.
A 29498.505/25/1790Millar, IsaacSouth Branch
A 28915005/17/1790Miller, JacobHazel's Run
A 2518005/07/1790Miller, William
A 2575906/16/1790Mineer, JohnPotomac River
A 8840008/06/1788Mitchell, JosephMill Creek
A 908008/05/1788Mosby, AbramMill Creek
A 2344704/09/1790Muniu, John
A 6138606/11/1788Myers, FrancisAlleghany Mt.
A 10635808/28/1788Ohaver, ChristopherBig Ridge
A 13121609/16/1789Ougau, PeterGreat Cacapon
A 13032409/16/1782Ougau, PeterGreat Cacapon
A 7630007/18/1788Parker, NathanPatterson Creek
A 12821009/18/1789Parker, RobertSouth Branch of Potomac
A 22125002/08/1790Pattman, LewisStaggs Run
A 4612405/06/1788Pearsall, John
A 9116908/06/1788Plumb, JohnMiddle Ridge
A 11620009/10/1788Plumb, JohnJoins own land
A 11539509/10/1788Plumb, JohnJoins own land
A 6320206/17/1788Pritchard, ReesNorth River
A 6537406/18/1788Pritchard, ReesNorth River
A 2246002/25/1790Pugh, JesseKnobley Mnt.
A 167454.505/30/1789Pugh, JesseTimber Ridge
A 20834811/25/1789Pugh, JonathanTearcoat Run & North River
A 29510006/02/1790Putman, PeterMill Run & North Branch
A 11913609/05/1788Putman, PeterPatterson Creek
A 12128309/02/1788Putman, PeterPatterson Creek
A 11836909/03/1788Putman, PeterStaggs Run
A 715002/11/1789Ravenscroft, SamuelAlleghany Mt.
A 3211404/08/1789Ravensroft, SamuelNew Creek
A 17230007/31/1789Raw, James (?)Green Spring Run
A 1935001/02/1790Reddick, WilliamLick Run
A 9344908/06/1788Redtiask, AndrewMiddle Ridge
A 11026208/29/1788Reed, JeremiahLomans Branch
A 15020005/08/1789Reed, JohnLimestone Run Rd.
A 21712711/03/1789Reeder, WilliamGreat Cacapon
A 7515006/26/1788Rinker, CasperGreat Cacapon
A 7240006/26/1788Rinker, CasperCacapon2
A 7143006/26/1788Rinker, CasperCacapon2
A 1649306/03/1789Rogers, RobertGreat Cacapon
A 26017006/16/1790Rogers, ThomasBranch Mountian
A 1523412/15/1788Ross, JohnSouth Branch Potomac
A 27540004/03/1790Ross, RobertMorgan's Run
A 8911608/05/1788Rozoner, Geoegy (?)Middle Ridge(?)
A 283604/08/1789Rush, JohnNew Creek
A 24325003/30/1790Savage, Patrick
A 15141105/07/1789Savers, NicholasNorth Branch
A 1523405/08/1789Seavers, Nicholasadjoining his own
A 9242008/06/1788Sectehelr, JosephPatterson Creek
A 15915605/04/1789Sheperd, BenjimanLittle Cattail Run
A 28810008/04/1790Short, JacobLittle Cacapon
A 140012/23/1788Smalley, AndrewMill Creek2
A 228802/06/1789Smyth, Nathanadj. Uriah Martins & Abram Peters
A 25210005/01/1790Spellman, JamesStone Quarry Run
A 28314.307/15/1790Stafford, Richard
A 793307/23/1788Stafford, RichardPatterson Creek
A 18610810/08/1789Stafford, Richard
A 18722005/13/1789Stafford, RichardWagon Road, Frankfurt-Winch.
A 14440010/14/1788Stafford, Richard
A 12240009/03/1788Stagg, GeorgePackers Run
A 19810305/01/1789Starn, MosesGreen Spring Valley
A 15419705/04/1789Starn, Moses (?)Little Cattail Run
A 27040008/06/1790Steed, AaronPotomac River
A 1534005/04/1789Stephens, Benjaminadjoining Abraham Peters
A 11232309/01/1788Stephens, ChristianPlumb Run
A 2153011/07/1789Stone, BenjaminNorth River
A 216152.511/03/1789Stone, BenjaminMaple Run, waters of
A 262110306/08/1790Stone, BenjaminNorth River
A 24115304/09/1790Stunuis, John
A 27323105/01/1790Swick, BenjaminCreamers Run
A 2228702/18/1790Taylor, George
A 29328506/22/1790Taylor, HenryTimber Ridge, Great Cacapon
A 5229805/22/1788Taylor, ThomasSouth Branch Mountain
A 1137109/06/1788Tenney, WilliamNew Creek
A 28714209/22/1790Thompson, SamuelKnobley Mnt.
A 29716205/26/1790Vanmeter, IsaacSouth Branch
A 19515012/07/1789Walker, LainGreenspring Valley
A 13712009/04/1788Watts, JamesMiddle Ridge
A 12039009/05/1788Watts, JamesPatterson Creek
A 19748501/07/1790Welcher, Sylvester
A 14620710/21/1788Wheeler, IgnatiusNew Creek
A 14533010/21/1788Wheeler, IgnatiusNew Creek
A 26610505/17/1790Whellin, MartinHazel's Run
A 359104/23/1789Whiteman, EzekielNorth Branch Potomac
A 9826708/18/1788Whiteman, EzekielPatterson Creek
A 14215710/09/1788Whiteman, unkGreen Spring Valley, head of
A 13844909/26/1788Whittaker, ThomasBlack Horse Run New Creek
A 310002/07/1789Williams, DavidPatterson Creek
A 9716808/18/1788Williams, EbenezerPatterson Creek
A 5821206/09/1788Willson, WillPine Swamp
A 5619406/03/1788Wilson, WilliamNew Creek
A 3610004/21/1789Wise, AbramPatterson Creek
A 25020005/17/1790Wolf, ChristopherThompson Run
A 22935003/25/1790Wolf, GeorgeLick Run
A 3710004/23/1789Wolleston, JohnNorth Branch Potomac
A 19116511/19/1789Wood, ThomasMill Creek
A 17118807/29/1789Woodrow, AndrewCrappers Ridge
A 26420705/12/1790Woodrow, AndrewGreat Cacapon
A 26325705/20/1790Woodrow, AndrewJerrys Run
A 17726009/10/1789Woodrow, AndrewPatterson Creek
A 2465004/05/1790Young, WilliamPotomac River
A 2475004/05/1790Young, WilliamPotomac River