Projects for Indian Mound National Register
of Historic Places Application and
Confederate Monument Preservation.

Special Notice (1/27/17):

    The Romney City council had agreed in January, 2016 to sell 2 large lots in Indian Mound Cemetery to attorney Royce Saville for $1,000.   The sale would necessitate visitors finding their way by some modern Civil War buff's family to seek out the important graves we should honor with the most prominent place. At its February meeting the City Council recinded the sale after learning the lots were part of the historic Confederate Memorial site; no council member had visited the site before they voted to sell the lots. Now Mr. Saville is suing the city to force the sale. The first court hearing was Jan. 24, 2017. We will keep you informed of the progress of the suit.
   View toward lots.
   How lots impact dedication ceremony
   Location of 2 lots in the Confederate Memorial Historic Site
   Location of two lots on old cemetery plat


We are working with the Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission to restore and preserve the Confederate Memorial Historic Site for future generations. Fortunately, the Monument is outside of the Romney municipal limits so we can work with our County Landmarks Commission and our County Commissioners to preserve this important historic site honoring the Sons of Old Hampshire.


Location of Confederate Memorial Historic Site - aerial photo

Map images taken from the map of Indian Mound Cemetery in Hampshire County Map Book 1, Map 22:

Romney Municipal Boundary, 1909

Deed Book drawing of Town boundary see Cemetery in lower right just outside of the municipal boundary. (use back button to return here)

Confederate Monument History and Photos

Link to Commemorative Celebrations.

Link to Preservation Plan for the Site

The Confederate Veteran Article on the Monument

Recorded Deeds adjacent to the Confederate Monument


Effect of the Monument

   "The erection of this monument marked the beginning of a new epoch in Hampshire County. It was a symbol of the restored confidence of the people in the community and in their ability for concerted action. With renewed vigor they marshalled their forces and presented a united front to the problems of rebuilding their institutions and reestablishing the business projects of the community."
     Historic Romney, 1762-1937, p.66


To see the deteriorating condition of the Confederate Monument, click here!


Flag Poles at the Monument

Click here for info on the flag poles.


Removal of the tree on the Indian Mound and of two box bushes in front of the Monument:


Romney Municipal Boundary

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Indian Mound Cemetery Association


If you have any documents or photographs concerning the Indian Mound Cemetery or the Confederate Monument which would be of help in our getting this important Hampshire County site on the National Register of Historic Places, please contact us send to or the Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission (304-822-7018)!