The Industries of Hampshire County

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Throughtout its history Hampshire County has had several industries that have been important to our economy. This page is a gateway to information about those industries.
This section is a work in progress. As always, we invite submissions for this section that can include photos, articles or background information. History is a community affair: it takes a community to make it; it takes a community to save it!





Gun Making

Fruit Industry

Supporting Infrastructure

  • 1760 may have been one gunsmith in old Hampshire County.
  • 1770 Iron furnace built at Bloomery
  • 1816 Tannery established in Fox's Hollow by Col. Vance Fox.
  • 1819 Zebulon Sheetz buys land along Edwards Run for his home and gunsmith business.
  • 1819 General Assembly provides for "Public warehouse for the receipt of tobacco be established at Romney warehouse and at Cresap's warehouse."
  • 1829 South Branch Intelligencer newspaper founded.
  • 1830 1st stage line from Winchester to Capon Bridge established.
  • by 1834 the Northwestern Pike reached Romney; by 1838 it reached Parkersburg on the western edge of the state.
  • 1861 Jacob Sheetz begins business of converting flintlock guns to percussion firing for Civil War on Old Jersey Road.
  • September 29, 1870 The first term of WVSB opened with 25 deaf and 5 blind students and Mr. H. H. Hollister as principal.
  • 1884 Hampshire Review started.
  • Sept. 1, 1884 the B & O Railroad opens 16.29 miles of track from Green Spring (main line of the B & O Railroad) to Romney.
  • 1890 first commercial peach orchard established
  • 1893 The distillery at Yellow Spring has resumed operation.
  • 1893 The Riverside Tannery one mile west of Romney burned down.
  • 1985 Flood heavily damages facilities in low lying fruit facilities including Ewers packing/storage facility in Romney.