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Archive file: Map Display at Bottling Works in Romney, WV
Archive of Map Display
The Bottling Works is in Romney, West Virginia on
U.S. Rt. 50 as you come into town from the east.
Hours: Tues-Sat. 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Sunday noon - 4 p.m.

This display covers over 250 years of Hampshire County's History
Hampshire County's Boundaries over time
Series of Hampshire's Boundaries Over Time

Entrance view
View of Map Display upon entering the Bottling Works
The small table has a unique 3-D topo map of North River Mills
On the far left is the seldom-seen 1926 County topo map showing roads, buildings and schools.


highway and interpretive mps

     This educational display looks at Hampshire County's development from serveral perspectives. There are copies of colonial maps showing the area from early settlement (Lord Fairfax's Northern Neck Proprietary) to establishment of the county. Then there are modern maps showing the extent of modern development. The display also shows maps of early industrial development seen in the coming of the Railroad; this includes both Sanborn fire maps of the depot area and the engineering drawings for the Romney depot.
     The display also highlights the interpretive tourist maps drawn by the late Janet Harlow and includes some seldom seen maps such as the one locating the documented springs of the county.
     Other items of interest to Civil War history buffs are two large maps of the area by Lt. John Meigs, a noted Union Engineer cartographer.

Entrance view
     The colored map is Janet Harlows visitor's map. The large map on the board is the 1936 County Highway map.


Civil War maps & county boundary maps
This photo shows two large Civil War maps of Hampshire County by Union Lt. John Meigs on the center boards. To the left is the series of county boundary maps created for this display and maps of the railroad that provided such an economic stimulous for the county. There are also maps showing location of buildings in Romney.

Hallway full of maps



With about fifty maps in the display there was the need to use every available hanging space in the display area of the Bottling Works. Here is the back hallway filled with more maps. The large boards shown in the photo above were installed because the display room did not have enough wall space to hang everything.

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