Civil War Decoration Day 2018
Honoring our Fallen Confederate Soldiers
Continuing a 152 Year Tradition

This page is put up as a community service to promote Hampshire County's Confederate Soldiers Memorial Historic Site. If you simply click on the thumbnail image the larger one will load in your browser. Please Note: These are large images formatted for what is becoming the standard computer monitor size - High Definition 1920x1080 pixels. The file size is between 180 kb and 350 kb. They will take time to download depending on your Internet speed. If you right click on that image and choose "Save image" you can download the larger, high definition image to your computer.

Program for 2018 - *working on it*


The First Ceremony of the Day was the dedication of the "Frenchburg Bridge" over the Little Cacapon River, a project sponsored in the West Virginia Legislature by our Delegate, Ruth Rowan. Mrs. Rowan was on hand for the ceremony. This is another project in her program to get many places in Hampshire County marked for their historical significance.

At 1:30 p.m. the Civil War reenactors marched from the Courthouse to Indian Mound Cemetery for the 152nd ceremony marking the sacrifice of Hampshire County soldiers, both South and North, during the Civil War. The speaker this year was Charles Hall. Below are photographs from the day's ceremonies.

Frenchburg Bridge web page


Photo Album of Day's Events